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2022. Berlin. Kammerspiel (Short).




A Satirical Representation Of A Dysfunctional Relationship - A Battlefield For The Concepts Of Self-Love & Love.

Actresses: Isabella Fumagalli & Whitney Ajayi.

Scenography: Luisa Doria.

Costume: Inés Lamazares Fraile.

Makeup: Astrid Mogren.

Sound Recording: Francesco Salvadori.

Music & Sound Design: Beatdenker.

Script, Dialogues, Direction, Camera, Editing & Production: Blas Lamazares Fraile.



2160p. Digital Camcorder. 16:9. Colour. Stereo. 14 Min.



2019. Berlin. Short.

A Tribute To Self-Love, Depicted Inside A Car.

"The Creature Who Says *Me* And *Mine* Need Not Bend Down In Shame Along With Lakes And Mountains The Ego Is Created And Divine." By Leonard Cohen.

Actress: Danae Papaconstantinou.

Costume & Makeup: Aline Hollstein.

Voice-Over: Romy Chaggar & Isabella Dmochowska.

Music & Sound Design: Ylia.

Concept, Direction, Camera, Editing & Production: Blas Lamazares Fraile.


2160p. Smartphone. Flash. 16:9. Colour. Stereo. 7 Min.

#3_S S S

2019. Berlin. Experimental Film (Short). 

The (Colour) Convergence Of Three Different Souls In A Common Feeling Of Loneliness.

Intimate Portraits In Hopelessness.

Actresses: Danae Papaconstantinou, Lea Avend & Marina Carpena.

Sound Recording: Diego Rodríguez.

Costume Consultant: Aline Hollstein.

Script, Direction, Camera, Editing & Production: Blas Lamazares Fraile.

720p. Smartphone. Analog filters. 16:9. Colour. Stereo. 14 Min.


2020. Berlin. Portrait Film (Short).

An Intimate Film Portrait Of



1080p. Smartphone.

1:1. Colour. Mono. 0,59 Min.


2021. Berlin. Short Film.



Concept: Isabella Fumagalli & Blas Lamazares Fraile.
Protagonist: Katherine Guerra.

Camera: Eva Zanettin.

Styling: Isabella Fumagalli.

Sound Recording: Diego Rodríguez.

Production, Direction & Editing: Blas Lamazares Fraile.

1080p. DSLR Camera Full Frame. 

1:1. Colour. Stereo. 0,59 Min.


2020. Berlin. Street Film (Short).


A Street Film Together With DAVID LOIRA.

Spring As A Stage For Rebirth, Liberation From Social Bonds, Peace.

We Received Homophobic Insults While Dancing & Filming.

1080p. Smartphone.

16:9. Colour. Mono. 2 Min.

#7_R I t A

Preproduction. Berlin. Feature Film.

*I Believe That Art Is An Obsession Of Life And, After All, Given That We Are Human Beings, Our Biggest Obsession Is Ourselves.* Painter Francis Bacon.


Preproduction... Berlin. Mid-Length Film.

*I Love You.* *I Love You More.* *No, I Love You More.* 


2022. Berlin. Music Video.

Track *Plastic Plants And Random Events*

Bass: Felix Henkelhausen.

Drums: Leif Berger.

Piano, Synths: Elias Stemeseder.

Tenor: Uli Kempendorff.

Alto: Wanja Slavin.

Starring Angelina Mass.

Concept, Direction, Camera & Editing: Blas Lamazares Fraile.

2160p. Digital Camcorder. 16:9. Colour. Stereo. 5 Min.


2023. Berlin. Music Video.

Instant Composition, Loops Recorded On RC505, Finger Drumming On MPC500, SY300 Guitar Synths, Fx & Instant Arranging On Loop-Station, Mixing, Mastering & Stuff By BEATDENKER.

Concept, Direction, Camera & Editing: Blas Lamazares Fraile.

2160p. DSLR Camera Full Frame. 

Colour. Stereo. 3 Min.


2023. Berlin. Short Film.

Together With DAVID LOIRA.

~ simpreocupaciones ~ ww (withoutworries).

Tracks: 1. *Destiny* By Novelist 2. *Havoc* By Alanis Morissette. 3. Mix By Yu Su Containing *Under Water* By Dream Dolphin & *No Hay Masa Ya* By Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido.

2160p. Digital Camcorder. 16:9. Colour. Stereo. 10 Min.

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